About Cate

Cate Curtis is an artist in Denver, Colorado. She began creating her digital artwork in 2004. Since then, she has expanded her artwork to include photography. Traditionally, Cate has kept her artwork private, allowing only her family and close friends to view it. Recently however, Cate began publishing her pieces in hope of enriching the lives of those around her. Over the years, Cate has used her pieces to encourage others going through difficult times. She has also used her art to celebrate the joyful and exciting moments of life. Cate’s work always has a deep meaning behind the beauty, and she uses it to express her emotion.

Cate was born in Brunswick, Maine. One of three siblings, she traveled and lived all across the country growing up. She attended a small private college in Indiana, where she met and married her husband of more than 36 years. They now live in Denver.

The greatest creation of Cateʼs life has been her family. Cate and her husband have two children, a son Tyler (and his wife Megan), and a daughter Rebecca (and her husband Mitch). They are her greatest work of art.