Frequently Asked Questions

Cate Curtis has an eye for the abstract. Her love of lines, shapes, patterns, and colors is evident within her work. Cate rarely has an end result in mind when she creates her pieces. Instead, she lets her creativity take her wherever it leads. Cateʼs inspiration for creating new pieces comes in many different forms, but she is mostly inspired by her lifeʼs experiences and memories. Places, times, and events drive her to create beautiful works of art, that upon completion, become subject to each viewerʼs own personal interpretation. It is Cateʼs hope that each piece of art inspires, encourages, and captures the imagination of her viewers in a way that is personal and meaningful to them. 

Cate prints her artwork on fine art paper and metal. She prints her digital art on Smooth Matte fine art paper that is 100% cotton, acid free, and has a smooth and clean finish. Her photography is printed on Velvet fine art paper that is 100% cotton, acid free, and has a patterned texture look that closely resembles watercolor paper. All of these prints are produced using a giclee printing process with high end inkjet printers. We only us archival pigment inks during this process, magnifying the art’s beauty and keeping your artwork preserved for generations. Cate’s digital art and photography metal prints are printed on high quality aluminum using an innovative dye sublimation process, resulting in rich and vibrant colors. The metal images have a white base and high gloss finish creating a clean and captivating look.  

Cate’s digital art and photography prints are original works of art.

Yes, Cate sells limited edition art. Limited edition artwork varies per image and size. All prints are identified by their number within a restricted series, and marked accordingly. Limited edition artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity detailing specifics of the given work of art. All images bear Cate Curtis’ signature.

Cate creates all of her digital artwork entirely on the computer, using Adobe Illustrator. While a majority of her work is digital art, Cate also enjoys photography. She takes all the photographs herself, and often adds an artistic touch to them on the computer. She is the sole creator of all her works.

Yes. Cate will respond by email to any questions you submit, and will do so as quickly as her schedule permits. Cate herself has reached out to several artists over the years, and like them, she will be happy to help in any way she can.

Your artwork is delicate. These are a few simple guidelines we suggest following.

1. Always use two hands when handling your artwork, and only touch the edges of the print. We also recommend wearing clean white cotton gloves.

2. If there is dust on your print, use a soft bristle brush to gently wipe it off. Do not use your hands.

3. Frame your artwork behind glass that has UV protection, and do not hang your art in direct sunlight.

We offer no refunds or returns. All sales are final. We will exchange your art only if it comes damaged during the shipping process. If your art arrives damaged, please take photos of the damage and send them to